Upholding the long Winchester tradition of not knocking.

Starting a new Winchester tradition of coming out of closets.

Continueing the tradition of John not being there when his family needs him

Continuing the family tradition of dying

Sam’s hair, though.

Sam is all startled and ‘what the hell!?’ Meanwhile Dean is like ‘what now?’

scruffylittlenerfherder asked:

Hello! I found your Doctor Who cosplay while searching the Fan Expo tag. I love that you chose the Ninth Doctor as I don't often see many cosplays of him, and he's my favourite! Well done, and I hope you had a most fantastic time as I did!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! I’m always happily surprised at how much love I get for being Nine. He’s very often overlooked and I’m happy there are others who appreciate him as much as me. Eccleston is a great actor, and I always discourage people from skipping Nine.

I saw at least half a dozen other Nine cosplayers, which is a heck of a lot more that other conventions I’ve been too. :D